Otero de Navascues

the firm

Otero de Navascués' law firm began its professional career at the beginning of the 80s, founded by Mr. Fernando Otero de Navascués. (Managing Partner of the firm at present).

Since then, The Firm has been growing and rapidly expanding over the national territory, currently holding a renowned prestige and proven expertise before diverse stages of the Justice Tribunal proceedings as well as before Public Administrations.

The Firm focuses on legal advice for individuals and businesses, being organically structured in two main branches of activity; Legal and Real Estate Areas which are comprised by Lawyers and Professional Specialists, both under the Firm's Management. In addition, the Legal Area is divided into the following Civil Law Departments; Business and Corporate Law, Financial and Tax Law, Public Law, Labour Law and Criminal Law, as well as the Procedural Division? which holds its own team of Barristers.

In recent years the Firm has experimented a significant and continuous growth thanks to our clients satisfaction and the ongoing work developed by our professionals. Therefore, we have extended the activity areas and incorporated new professionals. In particular, we have created the Department of Commercial Law which will allow the Firm to offer our services and meticulous knowledge to our clients as well as to expand its activity to a segment of Entities and Institutions subjected to continuous legislative changes, intense control requirements as well as to vital necessities of transparency and quality in their conduct, which turns the Firm into an example of the study of alterations in corporate governance and structural matters.

Also, in recent years the Real Estate Area has been developed with entire national presence and in strategic international points with critical agreements in countries such as China, Brazil, Chile, Saudi Arabia and United States, as well as intermediating in large real estate transactions with a vast portfolio of assets, providing legal and architectural advise, whose team is comprised by the most qualified professionals. To the same degree, a Property Administration Department has been created which is permanently growing.

The Firm has initiated its expansion project which positioned it as a key example at an international level.

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